Thursday, July 6, 2017

365: week 23 and into week 24

Earlier this week, I spent hours trying to catch up in the blogging department getting posts in order to share with you. 

This one that recaps a short few days of our lives is hard on the heart. It is late. It is still hard to add to.


The best laid plans ..

My dear hubby has been struggling with some health issues. Work has been impossible for him. On a Sunday morning we packed up some stuff and headed toward Payson for the day, thinking a drive in the fresh mountain air would be good for him. We didn't make it halfway ... turned around and came home. He doesn't have any life threatening illness. He is busy doctoring and finding that he is a healthy man for his age, yet unable to function as he would like to. We will get answers at some point and he will be back ticking on all cylinders again. In the meantime, it is day by day and pray for things to turn around.


When the phone rings and you think your heart will stop beating.
#prayingfor levi

If you are reading this and don't know the story behind this ... Levi was swimming in the Crow River with friends and disappeared that Monday evening. The search began. He had graduated high school the day before and was beginning his adventure into an adulthood filled with promise and dreams. 

Searching the river and making decisions regarding my own future river adventures.

Jari went to Minnesota on Tuesday and I went on Wednesday. We had planned to be in Colorado that weekend for a wedding so I had Thursday off. Even though hope is eternal ... the clothes were packed. I was able to spend some time on the river on Thursday in hopes of finding Levi. He was found later that day ....

It is interesting how things in life give us a new perspective into our own activities and the things we are no longer willing to do. We believe that our days on this earth are numbered by God before we are born. While we understand that Levi was called home on the day God needed him, I saw just a small amount of the torment his family, friends and community went through in the search for him. I saw the Crow River and in my mind I saw the eddy in the Verde River. The eddy that I was saved from by landing in the V of a tree ... kayak hanging above the water. And I was done. Maybe that was a decision made in the midst of a heart wrenching struggle. Maybe it will change. I decided that day that I was done. Give me a hard kayak and a peaceful lake, but you can take my inflatable kayak and the dangers of the river. I'm not a physically fit 18 year old male. I'm really getting to be an almost older lady who, although her days are numbered as well, does not want her family searching a fast flowing river for her body.

The end of this day saw heartbreak and relief. Relief that they could bring him home and to his final resting place. Heartbreak that touched so many who had never even met him .. 


Precious visits.

Oh, we are also blessed beyond measure to have these parents with us still. Loss of the young mixed with the laments of the aged.

"Safe in the arms of Jesus .."
#airportracket when the bank of outlets is in a restaurant.
We drove over some downed power lines in MN last weekend without knowing. Saw a sign on I-17 warning not to do that. "whowouldathunk

I had to come home Sunday so was not able to stay for the funeral. Jari stayed and came home later that week. I wish there was a way to ease the heartache of those who were the closest to Levi. A call. A text. A hug. Many a prayer.

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