Monday, July 10, 2017

365: week 24


Oh my aching feet.
Nothing more needs to be said.



Green chili chicken enchiladas. Might I say they are about the easiest thing in the world? And I have come to the point where I cheat in the biggest ways. I live very close to 2 (count 'em!) Costcos where you can buy the cheapest and most tasty rotisserie chicken ever. I'm not sure I used it in this recipe, but I use it often. One of those benefits to only have a few mouths to feed. One bird now gets us at least 3 meals.



The end of June was curbside bulk trash pickup. This nicely weathered pallet had sat here for a long time serving a purpose but we were pitching. I kept this one out and used up every single board. I'm still going to add some more little rosettes on the heart ... but recycle, reuse and redecorate with 3 pieces of wood. This piece really isn't staying here ... I've just run out of places to put projects headed for market. So I figured .. why not? I'll enjoy for a few months and then ship it out of here.

Incidentally, I've often thought I should do a post about pillows. In our world, pillows are also an indicator of how life has changed. This is how it use to work. For years, Aunt Martta would come for a visit every July. Before she came, I would head to Walmart and buy fresh pillows. Those $5 pillows that last about $5 worth. After she left, the pillows would move to our bed. Our pillows would move to the kids' beds and the kids' pillows probably headed to the trash bin. Really, we never had extra pillows. Today I will make the bed and prop 7 pillows up against the headboard. If I dare admit ... sometimes it has even been more than that. Whatcha suppose to do? You need one to keep your head up. Another to keep the aching hip from being in the wrong position. Yet another to keep .... 


Happy Fathers Day!

We made it. All the way up the mountain and out into the woods for a drive.
And a selfie.

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