Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bike first. Nap last.

The weather is absolutely BEAUTIFUL today!
A Wednesday morning at home with nothing but laundry on the list until noon.
No excuses within reaching distance.
I hit the pavement for a while this morning.
I downloaded an app on my phone that was suppose to give me mph, distance and time.
It wasn't working so I wasn't able to watch distance.
Jari has a think he puts on his bike, but he was off dipping a line in the lake.
I'm going to get one and then start tracking a route somewhere fun.
One mini ride at a time.
Anna was complaining about her ears bothering her, so on my way home from working this afternoon, I stopped at Hi Health to pick up some ear candles. If you're an ear candler (is there such a thing?), supplies are on sale at Hi Health right now. I didn't expect to have these two over for a session, but it's kind of fun to have your grown boys stuck where they really can't do anything about it!
These two take after their dad. We might make this a family nite thing once in a while! I started out using tin foil for safety between the lit candle and the lovely noggin. I then switched to the plate. The plate works great! I have to say that I even sang Happy Birthday to them. Like, what could they do about it anyway?!
 And finally .... Anna got her turn.
Before you say anything, I did read plenty on the internet (that place where everything has to be truth, right?) before I ever did this the first time. Plenty of both positive thoughts and just as many bah humbug thoughts. However, if you know me, I'm a big believer in the mix of many different kinds of treatment to keep us healthy. Have to have some things that counteract my bad habits, right?

Lasagne for dinner and then a nap. Just a quick one.
I run like I'm 18, or maybe 28, and then it sort of catches up with me.
Shucks. I could be trying to pretend I'm even 38!
Much as I hate to admit it, I think this problem may be genetic. The run 'til you drop problem.
A 30 minute nap after a 21 hour day yesterday and up at 7 again this morning didn't happen.
90 minutes seemed much more appropriate.


  1. Interesting! So did it make her ear feel better? Don't know that I could get my kids to lay still like that!

  2. We used to do ear candle in Buffalo a long time ago. Dave used to make them. Did you get lots of wax? RW

  3. RW - it was downright disgusting! Do you know how Dave made them? I bought a box of 12 hoping we'll be good for a while. I've only done this once before and it certainly helped Jari out. Has saved his poor ears from my usual hubby ear wax removal routine which included things like bobby pins and head lamps. :)

  4. Cotton muslin wrapped around wood dowel, and then dipped in wax. You can type in "making ear candles" on your search engine and the directions are out there. RW