Friday, April 20, 2012

pork chops, vincas and english

The other day I posted this photo on FB. The status read like this. This is what happens when you don't follow Pioneer Woman's recipe to the letter. You haul out a pizza from the freezer and pop in into the oven!
The problem was nothing to do with the recipe itself. It is labled as easy which makes this almost more humiliating than anything. To salvage the easy Pan Fried Porch Chops because I was in a hurry and needed to get out of the house lickety split like, they hit the crock pot and the fridge. Tia put them cooking in the crockpot in the afternoon. Last night for dinner I had what might just qualify for the best and most tender pork chop I've ever eaten in my life. The problem was that my chops were rather thick and wouldn't cook fast enough. So, the point of all this? I'll do this again. Next time I'll season the dickens out of the chops, pan fry them until nearly done and then into the crock pot for 4 to 5 hours the next day. Delish!!

One of my favorite summer flowers in Arizona has always been the Vinca. They grow like crazy. I found 6 pack flats at Home Depot the other day for $1.99. Our family Easter baskets this year came from the dollar bins at Target. (Now that I think of it, I might have found cheaper ones at the dollar store.) They were rather small, but so are plants that come in 6 packs. Recycle or upcycle everything. I do love dirt. Almost more than I love flowers.
We have some extra time during the end of this week to get caught up on school work. Maybe even get ahead? I'm quite sure that would be a stretch. It also means that in about 15 minutes I lose this computer to the girls. It would be so easy to let them keep on sleeping and head for Pinterest or something equally idea filled. I'll try be responsible. Today.
In the rest of our immediate world:
     * Jari went to Minnesota on Wednesday morning to spend time with and help out family for a bit.
        Not sure when he will be home.
     * The bike and I had a date this morning. 6 miles down.
     * The temp is suppose to hit triple digits the end of the week.
        Biking will have to start rather early or wait until after the sun goes down.
     * Country Living magazine came in the mail this week.
        Incidentally, it is my all time favorite ever magazine to page through over and over again.
     * I found an idea.
        I have a need.
        I think the two will work very well together.
     * I just need a trip to Home Depot.
        And Michaels.
        And JoAnns.
        Maybe even Hobby Lobby.

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