Saturday, April 7, 2012

Pillow #4

was a bit of a challenge.
There will certainly be no progressive tutorial photos on this one.
I don't even remember what I did other than making strips at the very beginning.
Three of the fabrics on this pillow front are backing for the other pillows.

The sewing machine is packed away back up on the shelf in the closet.
The likelihood of finding another 50 cent pillow form is probably slim to none
so I ought to be good for a while!

I propped this pillow near my sliding door to the backyard hoping for some natural lighting.
There use to be a day when Oreo, our cat, helped me quilt everything.
This was a first one for me.
As I was taking photos, Duke came to help.
I really think I was too close to the back door and he was making sure I didn't head outside without him nearby to do guard duty.
He wasn't leaving.

one way conversation with duke

  what are you doing laying there on the floor?
my place is the floor.

oh, so you're going to ignore me.
well, i'll just show you.

you're still there?
i'll give you the sad eye treatment.
maybe that will get me a treat.

i think i might have allergies.
my nose is dripping and this house is out of kleenex.
i know my nose is dry.
kinda matches your feet.

 are you ever going to stop clicking that thing?
i'm having a hard time taking a nap here.

you aren't moving.
it's safe.
i can sleep.


  1. I love the pillows. Duke is cute, too. My signature is Mom and Dad on our blog, so that is what it is here! I don't know how to change it! --Gloria

  2. I absolutely LOVE your pillows! and the pictures of Duke! Riitta W