Thursday, April 26, 2012

Shade screens

It is getting downright warm in these parts and the sun is a bit toasty.
We like to live out on our patio and the beating sun is making it a bit impossible.
We had hung a rolling sun shade screen at the end of the patio and the weekend before last it was ripped to shreds by a wicked wind/rain session.
I started looking for ideas and ways to shade our living.
Excuse my patio furniture. Someday I'll find something other than camp chairs.
I have always loved shade sails and wanted to try putting up some myself.
Last week, in reading Country Living magazine,
I saw an idea to use paint drop cloths for chair coverings.
Why not for shade sails?
I started working on them.
Then found I had a bit of a problem.
I can't erect poles in this yard or on the top of the house.
I have to work with what I have as far as house structure.
It might have worked if the temp wasn't hitting triple digits and I was in need of shade.
And I mean fast!
I changed the plan.
I've been wanting to try using grommets for a long time.
I finally figured it out!
Too bad the packages Home Depot sells are missing half the pieces.

The photos below clockwise from top left:
1) The top is secured with grommets and hooks. The bottom left side is secured with a bungie cord (temporary) from grommet to the pole. The right side is free flying but won't be for long. This shade will hopefully cut the beating afternoon sun shining into a living room and bedroom.
2) This one might look a bit interesting. It started with triangle shapes for the shade sails and then became patchwork. Once again hung on hooks, one side fastened securely.
3) I might add hooks and whatnot to make it a shade that rolls up for convenience. 
Otherwise, when the breeze is blowing we'll just spray it down with a hose and get some outdoor evaporative cooling.
I still have another one to do on the other end of the patio to cut the morning sun.
It isn't the sun.
Although I'm not one to lay out there and soak up rays, I do love the sun.
It is the heat that is a bit much.
If I can keep some of it from hitting the house and warming up the inside ...
I'll have accomplished my mission.

No .... it is definately not the sun.
30 degrees cooler wouldn't be bad tho'.

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