Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Unofficially it might just be official.

Good morning world!
This particular morning, I'm feeling incredibly at ease.
I'm sitting in the recliner with the feet up, coffee cup at my side.
We won't even begin to discuss how many times I've filled it.

Yesterday was a busy day.
Officially, I am an aunt again.
This time to a little Sawyer Shane Lindula. A little boy to add to the family of Lindula girls.
He is going to be a fine addition to the farm.
The wee one has already done plenty of farming before birth, he'll probably be slinging hay bales before the summer is over.
Or more likely, his big sisters will be giving him rides in their wee girl Jeep vehicles.
Dodging cow patties and the like.
Congratulations to his immediate family who have a new little one to snuggle and love.
I can't wait to meet him myself.

Yesterday I unofficially got a promotion at work.
Unofficial means that the coworkers were informed, management has blessed it, human resources needed an application filled out.
That would explain my first couple cups of coffee this morning.
Somedays resumes and online applications just cannot take a second seat to the land of blog.
That is done.
It involves a few more hours. Full time position with what will be less than 40 hours a week. Full time benefit prices. Full time jesting and ribbing at work. Hopefully a few more dollars to go with all that ribbing so I can fill a chocolate jar on my desk.
And .... still no holidays or nights. Still 3 day weekends with Wednesday mornings to play in the Land of Blog.

Officially, my pea garden is deceased.

I'll leave the gardening of vegetables be until I have my own plot of dirt to put them in.
While I have no idea when that might be, it's okay.
I've officially made the decision to stick with flowers ...

rooting hormone to start desert plants, and coffee. Lots of it.

Last night we had visitors for dinner!
Doing good so far in the New Years Resolution Department at least under #1.
Curt & Dory Savela are in town. Last time we had them over was 20 years ago. In between their visits to our home, we have been at theirs in Minnesota several times. Spent nights, meals and great visits. I didn't get a photo last night, but Dory and I go way back. I mean Way Back! I'm sure I have a picture that includes both of us on our baptism day, but this is the only one I can find (of myself with parents and grandmothers) without moving about 3,716 totes out of the way. We shared a double baptism in May of 1965.

Officially, we've been buds for a long time.


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  1. Congratulations and good luck on the "unofficial" promotion!And it sounds like you and I share the same coffee passion. Someone once asked me if I get a headache if I don't drink coffee. I said, I don't know, I've never tried going without!