Sunday, April 15, 2012


I feel like I've lived an entire lifetime (well, maybe not quite that long) in the past 4 days.
It has been busy.
It has been fun.
Tomorrow morning is Monday already and I sure hope my body remembers what Monday morning means.

After work Thursday, I did a bit of food preparation for a big event on Friday.
Then Jari and I went for a bike ride.
I was sort of having an attitude about the idea to begin with.
I had things to do!
Found out that he had gotten me a head and tail lights for my bike, as well as the little toy to tell how far and fast I've gone!
I do have to admit that the ride was wonderful ... just what I needed.
This city has so many beautiful places to enjoy.

After a floor mopping and linen change, it was off to the airport to pick up my youngest sister, Jen.
She was coming to town for the weekend for a birthday party surprise.
Friday we food shopped, cooked, made cheesecakes and yummy chocolate desserts.
The kitchen was something else.
So was the living room for that matter!

Duds on and ready to go!

Off to a surprise birthday party at which I didn't take one picture!
It was fun. We were able to pull off a surprise which was well worth it.
Happy 40th Birthday Frans!

Saturday was filled with shopping.
Jen has achieved a major accomplishment!
She has lost a significant amount of weight doing it slowly and in a healthy way.
It needed a celebration that involved new clothes.
Jenny, Jen and I went out to find yard sales on Saturday and then shopping.
We done good! So did this young man, Dustyn, who was our companion.

From Goodwill to the Cheesecake Factory, Settlers game and hilarity to serious discussions, it has been a wonderful weekend. Today we relaxed, went and visited Jeff & Mona and Aunt Ruth for a while. Introduced Jen to Halibut Fajitas for dinner ...

Tomorrow we have a run to the airport on my way to work.
Then I get to look forward to July and hanging out with Jen again.
Next time I'll be in Minnesota!

Have a safe and happy week!

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  1. The party was a great success! Thanks again to you and Jen for all the work you did! (I'm still feeling a little guilty!). The garage saling and shopping was a lot of fun, as was cheesecake factory and settlers! Glad I got to spend so much time with Jen! Haven't hung out with her like that or visited with her so much in many years. It was great! Can't wait to join you in some pedaling together :)