Tuesday, June 26, 2012

i have a yen ....

I've been doing a little too much of this.

Today at work my head felt like I was swimming under water.
No amount of attempted ear popping was working.
My head continued feeling like it was slogging through a swamp.
I asked Jari if he was interested in a candle lit evening.

My kids thought that meant something different than ear candling.
Silly of them.
Ears are candled, vitamin C & echinacea are chugged down, Thieves applied ....
and now I'm sneezing.

Forget the fact that in a mere few days we're trekking out of town for 2 weeks.
I don't even know if I have luggage.
Oh boy.

I did sit on my tush this evening and work on uploading photos to Costco to print.
I have my own office at work now and the walls are bare.
My place of employment wouldn't qualify for any fabulous interior decorating magazine layout.
The artwork is all mauve or light blue matted or framed.
I'm scared that if I don't hustle and get something up on the wall in front of my desk .....
someone is going to do it for me and it will be incredibly nauseating.
So I bought 4 12x12 frames yesterday and starting hunting through my external hard drive
to find photos that I would prefer to enjoy.
With serious help from Blogger, I paged through photos on Living the Alaska Dream
to find approximate dates I took the shots.
It made the job much easier.
Each of these shots will be printed 12x12 and ready tomorrow.
I'll be able to change the scenes when I'm in the mood for a different season.

In the heat of summer that is getting unbearable during the days (as far as I'm concerned),
I'm having a serious yen for the places these images depict.
A serious yen.


  1. Beautiful pictures! Beautiful places!!!

  2. I have been so hot and miserable the last three days too! I can't wait to escape this heat! The pictures are awesome :)

  3. Stunning pictures! They'll look fantastic 12x12! Perhaps you should do an experiment and see if gazing a the snow capped mountains and imagining yourself there can lower your body temperature! :)

  4. just how serious?? the scenery looks a little familiar. welcome back anytime. although, if you ask nora, she may tell you it's just as "croakin' hot" here! 70ish it was when she said that?!

  5. Thank goodness I work inside and like to be up early to enjoy the "cool" before the heat hits!
    Keilah - I was thinking about putting up snow capped mountain pictures just for the cooling effect. They may laugh me out of the place, but it might be worth it.
    Lisa - our kids probably said the same thing at 70ish. It is all relative, isn't it? I have a serious yen for a several weeks of back there. If I could figure out how to spend summers there .... I'd be there in a New York minute. Instead I am going to go cool off in Minnesota for several weeks. Humidity and mosquitos ought to make me thankful for a dry 111 degrees when I get back!

  6. I realy like your pictures and words. Would you be interested in writing for an digital magazine on life in alaska? www.insidealaska.us