Thursday, June 28, 2012

ten in a day ... june

Happy end of June!
Where on earth did this month go??!!

Here it is Thursday nearly dinner time. 
I came home from work to a clean house and the last load of girls' laundry spinning.
The youngest cleaned her room!!!
If you only knew what a challenge that can be.

Yesterday we spent what felt like half the day at the doctor.
It really wasn't that long, but patience in the waiting room is not one of my strong points.
Tia and I both saw the Doc.
She got an order for an xray of her arm that turned out fine.
Thank goodness. Don't know where we would have fit in an Orthopedic visit this month.
My swamp slogging head was the result of an inner ear infection.
Not eager to repeat the experience of last fall in MN, being sick as a dog,
I'm chugging antibiotics.

My turn to spin a load or two of laundry and finish packing a bag.
Check to see if the dog food was purchased today.
Make a list of things of things that need doing around here while we're gone.
Figure out what else I need around here ....
and hit the road bright and early.

I'll see if I can do some blogging along the way ....
if not, I'll be back in several weeks!

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