Friday, June 1, 2012

maybe a little insane?

After a wee few hours of sleep on Wednesday nite, I did a most amazing thing.
I've never done this before.
I had coffee with a friend at 6:30 in the morning.
It wasn't over the phone, seated in our own homes.
I was actually in hers.
On my way home to take a shower and boogie off to work, I was thinking that I could be on to something here!
Share a cup of coffee in the morning, work a short banker's kind of day and then ....

go fishing with my family.

I have to say that it felt rather strange to be heading out to Bartlett Lake in this rig without pulling a boat behind it. It has been a very long time.

It amazes me how we appreciate different things depending on where we're at in this world.
In Alaska, we waited for the sun.
Waited for the long days filled with light.
Lived every minute of that light.
Here, at this time of year, I enjoy the cool of the morning before the sun greets my face.
Even more so, I appreciate the setting of the sun.
The time when it dips low enough on the horizon to cool off the day.
When 95 degrees feels comfortable because the sun is no longer baking you.
Few places are better at that time of day than the waters edge.

*** I really need to start packing my camera along with me and quit relying on my phone!

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