Saturday, June 2, 2012

the other week .....

I learned that I had missed the Peach Festival at Schnep Farms.
My boss brought me a few peaches. She's too sweet. 

Thanks to Russell, I loaded a new app (that would be application) on my iphone.
My artwork is of doodle quality.
If you're interested, it is something like Sketch Book Mobile X.
Super fun.

I nearly had heart failure when I went to open my wallet and found several cards gone.
Then started the mental trip of where have I been and where did I last use them?
Then I remembered ... and had to wait for the washing machine to finish it's cycle.

I learned that I didn't have a clue what a Sum of a Sequence of a Geometric Series was.
I didn't even know such a thing existed!

I made potato salad for the first time in positively years!
Lately I've been caught reading about the Glycemic Index of foods.
(I've sort of skipped looking at the GI of things like desserts.)
Red potatoes are horrible for your blood sugar and send you straight to the weight gain zone.
I'm going to try using sweet potatoes which are much lower on the GI.
I'm not going to tell the hubby or the cherubs.
Let's see if they notice.

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  1. Just like many years ago Merry brought over some
    goat milk. I didn't dare taste it but poured some in each of your glasses. No comment so then I dared try it. Not bad.