Friday, June 22, 2012

just wondering .....

If you live in a posh neighborhood in Paradise Valley
and you receive mail .....

is it really necessary to have a mail box that says U.S. Mail?
What if the box said Swedish Mail or Some Island in the Carribean Mail?
Is there really a chance that this box might get some French Mail by mistake?
Just wondering .....


Friday morning and I've just spent an hour playing with potting soil. 
Stopped at a yard sale this morning and got a stack of landscape pots (?) for $5, including 3 nice big ones. Now I just need my planted seedlings to sprout into trees big enough to fill them!
Pulla dough is rising.
The pool is clear and ready for a swim.
The job list is incredibly long. 
Leaving on vacation a week from today and haven't even started thinking about what needs to be done.
Must be time to make a list with little check boxes next to the 153 items to be done.
The bright side includes a fridge that is starting to look a bit emptier. 

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