Friday, October 5, 2012

a visit from a dragon fly

I'm accustomed to seeing dragon flies that are unbelievably blue.
Our yard, that place where I had a garden and yard filled with flying mosquitos,
was often quite a show of blue and black swooping and dancing. 
Several weeks ago we emptied the pool and had quite a flood going on in the backyard.
As we sat outside in the afternoon watching the earth blowing bubbles as the water found
pockets in the earth, we were treated to a visit from a dragon fly.
A single dragon fly.
Perhaps she thought all that water meant a feast for her.
She was wrong.
She did give us quite a show, always coming back to land on this one dead stick.

She turned this way and that, seeming to watch my camera lens as I tried to capture her
light coloring against an even lighter sky.
At times she played coy, hiding her face behind those beautiful wings of hers.

Finally she turned for a final shot.
Maybe it was her sign that she was leaving,
hoping to find an uncared for pool that is a breeding ground.
Find a place where there was a feast.
Perhaps she was resting for the acrobatic show she would
bring to the next home at which she stopped.
For she rested ....

 and then she was gone.

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  1. Such a poetic post, Anita! Who would imagine you could have such lovely pictures of a dragonfly? So many wonders in God's creation!