Thursday, October 11, 2012

I was on vacation last week

and it was just one of those weeks.
I did spend a day baking which is always a bright side in my world.

I didn't craft a single thing until Saturday ... and then only managed 4 hours of World Card Making Day celebration. It was sort of trumped by the opportunity to see a brand new little miracle love of the baby boy variety, followed by a beautiful wedding.
I am having serious crafting withdrawls over here.

I changed way too many of these things.
I'm guessing that folks learn this little toilet paper changing trick only when they pay their
own electric bill.
We did make it to Cheesecake Factory on Friday evening.
On the way there we both decided we weren't hungry.
Anna had made a frozen pizza and I chowed down half of it making my belly less than empty.
Made for a much cheaper bill and room for good coffee afterward.
Jari his favorite of the Thai Lettuce Wrap off the appetizer menu.
Clam chowder and the entire bread basket for me.
We skipped the cheesecake.

I did play several games of Settlers and won one of them by the nick of my teeth.
Why I was sitting on (I'm always yellow) 2 for 1 wood with no access to wood is beyond me.

I've color coded my kitchen calendar again.
That's what we did this week. I should have brought the camera along.
Could have accomplished by Ten in a Day photo project for the month.
Appointments with doctors of some sort or another.
Orders for things like mouth guards and mammograms.
As long as we're on the M's, someone could have added Maui to the list.
They. Didn't.

The garage didn't get cleaned.
I added another piece of furniture to the back patio that needs some of that crafty attention.

I have a nice long wage earning day today.
Mom & Dad are in town for a few days and am hoping to catch up with them for a few more minutes before they head to the mountains for the weekend.

Feeling just a little bit like Eeyore today.

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