Sunday, October 14, 2012

random coming right up

Thursday at work. Quite obviously I don't work in a place that is laced with marble.
I like it that way. Less pretend. A bit more real.

We had a celebration (we sort of do that very often) of a recent marriage.
So I introduced them all to Taytekakku.
They all found what they've been missing not being a good ol' fashioned Finn.
It may have been a mistake. I might have become the Cake Committee.
I had a long day at work Thursday and the sky was a bit cloudy when I left, but look at it!
The lights were on in the parking lot when I left.
The lights were on and it was dark when I arrived in the morning.
Our seasons may not include things like snow, mud and beautiful color ...
but we have them.
And I absolutely love the one that is here.

We spent the evening having 75th Birthday cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory Dad, Mom, Frans & Jenny. I have missed many celebrations being as I've never really lived in the same neighborhood as them. Makes it extra special to have him here.

We spent a few minutes taking photos, window shopping ....

and being inspired by a bit of Marimekko. I love this piece of fabric and the colors of fall.

Fun evening.
Then on to Friday and an evening celebrating Alyx's 21st birthday with a fun group of people.

Today I did laundry. And more laundry.
Didn't go garage sale hopping, tho' I thought many times I should get out there.
Do I need anything?
Um. No.
I stayed home.
Cards were crafted to be shared later.
And this evening ...  I found the treasures I've been needing at Lowe's.
Garsh! I love that store!

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