Friday, October 26, 2012

I love a Friday.

One that starts with sleeping later than 5:00 a.m.
and heads straight to the pile of paperwork.
(I obviously spent too many years doing bookkeeping. I really do love paper.)
Nearly ran out of ink today in my pen as I filled out forms.
School papers, more school papers and then even more of them.
I think we got it.
One set hand delivered, another faxed ...
one more to go as soon as I hear from admissions.
While we were out delivering we worked up quite an appetite and bit the big one.
$5 lunch is hard to beat.

Tia needed some birthday party supplies. Really all she needed was some balloons.
We ended up with a cart by the time we left.
I'm convinced Dollar Tree beats many of its competitors hands down.

I really need to get to Ikea and pick up some rods and hooks.
For now I used some screws to hang up these little baskets I picked up today.
I could use several rows of many of these little baskets to hold all those things
that just end up everywhere.
Where all this stuff comes from I just don't know.
We seem to not be able to exist without it tho'.
Oh, and chalkboard tags to replace the paper ones coming sometime soon.
I have the wood. I have the chalkboard paint. Maybe this week I'll have the time.

I was looking for things like candle sticks and glass plates to make cake stands,
but had no luck finding that.
I found this instead.
Didn't know they make these things without photos and stuff all over them.
Clear glass with a white memorial candle that stands about 8 inches tall.
For a buck!! Oh my gosh! The possibilities just abound!

My life seems to be complete if I can play a bit in the crafty department.
Just a wee bit.
Doesn't need to be an entire day, just a smidgeon of one and I'm fine.
Using an idea off Pinterest (the blog it comes from is linked here)
that involved using tissue paper on canvas,
I printed music onto tissue paper and mod podged away.
I wish I had thought of using darker tissue paper, but there is always next time.
Mod podge under the tissue paper and on top of it.
I did add a little color with an ink pad and more mod podge on top of that.
Then found a place for it on the piano.
Imagine this with sepia colored photos of your loved ones.
Yup. Imagination run amok over here.

While I was playing in between hustling laundry and cleaning showers/bath tubs,
Jari got the pressure cooker zooming outside.
I've had some tuna sitting in the freezer for awhile and we've been wanting to can it.
We ignored the instructions in the pressure canner book and went for the gusto.
This week I'll find out if you really do have to bake the fish before you can it.
Hope not. I'm looking forward to some delicious tuna sandwiches!
Tomorrow Jari and I are heading off to do some fishing and then up to the mountains.
Can't wait. It has been a very long time since I've been up to the Mogollon Rim.
I'm hoping to see a red or yellow leaf.
Maybe even two.
I'll try to psyche myself up for the new page of life that is coming this weekend.
No .... I'm not ready for this one.
Not yet.

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