Wednesday, October 10, 2012

a walk through the external hard dive

sometime in the past week, found me looking for photos
that were taken in the month of October.
Somedays I start to feel guilty about the lack of sharing my kids' 
lives on this here blog.
So today is a walk through Octobers ....

Alyx in 2006
(obviously taken after we had landscaped our previous AZ backyard)

Blayde and I went to Ivan & Missy's wedding in Minnesota.

Tia baking pumpkin cutout cookies.

This was another October 2008 photo and just couldn't pass it up.
My guess is that at some point, prior to this photo being taken, she had
fallen asleep with her left cheek down. :)

Anna blowing bubbles in 2009.
Love the color of the bubbles.

Brock graduation photo shoot in 2010 at the edge of the Matanuska River.

Anna & Tia heading to Flagstaff for the day in 2011.

I should probably just accept the fact that my "littles" have become "bigs".

Today we celebrate Alyx's birthday!
This picture was taken on our way to watch the restart of the Iditarod
a few years ago.

Happy Birthday Sunshine!
May the coming year be kind to you and may you achieve all you set out to do.

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