Monday, October 22, 2012

This weekend started with

a visit to the chiropractor for 3 of us on Friday morning. I was along for the ride (actually the driver), but ended up being adjusted as well. I cave to pressure so incredibly easy it isn't even funny. The office we go to use to be down the street from our old house. Now it is across town ... and we still drive there.
Came home and the fridge was empty of eggs for breakfast. Off to Costco for the necessities with hubby dear. I finally had it with the person in the photo below and decided that she was going to be the subject of at least part of a blog post. She followed us around every, I mean every, aisle. I started wondering if I looked like a kleptomaniac or something. Maybe she was the new brand of security. I might be tempted to walk out of the store with 5 dozen eggs under one arm and a box of dog bones under the other. She'd keep me straight. Was she a mystery shopper? She'd take an item off the shelf and carry it down the aisle. Item would disappear from her hand and be replaced with another one. When she started shedding layers of clothing .... decided maybe she after my shopping companion. Time to take the man home!
Your house probably never gets to the point where something in the fridge smells and you can't figure out what it is. All science projects have been removed. All obvious spills cleaned up. And the thing still sends out less than desirable aromas. I cleaned it. Thoroughly. Scrubbed that bugger out with Thieves. Maybe that smell is stuck somewhere in the derailed track between my nose and the part of my brain that houses memory of smells. I buzzed up some freezer jam with strawberries that needed to leave the freezer. And I found these. Good gravy. I'm Christmas shopping and getting ready to start slowly accumulating Christmas baking supplies .... and I still have prune tarts from last year?!

Saturday Jari and I had eye appointments. I ordered glasses. Purple ones. It is going to be challenging to learn to keep glasses on my face more than I do now. Jari couldn't find any he liked, so we'll have to do a little searching for his. Sent Jari off fishing and I started working on the garage. Totes. I have many totes. Scattered in between probably half a dozen of them were winter clothing. Arctic gear. Snowmachining gear. Hockey gear. Helmets. Goggles. I started consolidating and ended up with a few more stacked empties than I had before. There is more to get rid of in that expanse of parking space, but it is a wee bit easier to get the car in there now. Another day ... another trunkful and eventually we might get down to what we need in this life. Like we need Arctic Gear at this point in time.  
I manage to cart things through life, especially when I lean a bit toward the sentimental type. Foruntate or unfortunate, my kiddos tend to be the same. Two bags of stuffed animals. Not large bags, not tiny bags, but bags nonetheless. None of them can be pitched. One is a gift from so and so. Another was received when a child was in hospital. Yet another was a gift from someone who is no longer living. One from a family trip to Disney. And on and on and on. I did get a few little ones to add to my "toy box" for visiting littles. The rest I'm sure will become carpeting in someone's bedroom.

Out the door here in about half an hour again. Then eventually on to morning and the start of another week. One that should prove interesting as always.

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