Wednesday, October 3, 2012

when time stands still

Do you ever have a moment when you just stop?
Like all of a sudden stop.
Maybe it is the sunlight hitting dew drops.
Perhaps it is a flower that is just about to open.
It might be something that a child said or the way they tilted their head when they spoke.
Whatever it is, it causes us to just stop dead in our tracks.
Maybe I'm using the words our tracks a bit freely here.
It happens to me.
It does't happen so frequently that my life is disrupted,
but there are moments.
Some of those moments may be completely illogical.
Sort of like this one was.

I am wearing a watch to work again.
I didn't wear a watch the entire time I lived in Alaska.
The place I worked had clocks everywhere.
You sort of had to hide in a corner or run off to the bathroom to avoid seeing one.
There was no reason to wear a watch.
I come home from work and the watch comes off, is dumped in the cute white glass
holding container, and stays there until the next time I work.
Except one day last week.
It got left on the bathroom counter.
As I was getting ready for bed I all of a sudden noticed it ....
and paused.
Big time.
There are some of us who live by military time in our work lives.
I am one of those.
I haven't seen, written or even thought of 22:07 in over a year.

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