Saturday, December 22, 2012

12.22.12 10:26 pm

My Christmas cards are sitting at Costco.
They have been there for several days now.

I did get some things to the post office on Friday.
I didn't pay for anything like overnite shipping.
The ones in the mail will be late.
The ones still sitting here will be even later.

My freezer is pleasantly plump with pulla.
I don't have one thing on my Christmas menu other than sweet treats in the house.
Okay. I have the pickles. That's it.

I mowed the lawn today.
My bedroom is clean.
I think I'm up to date on my class.

I think, think, think I've got Christmas gifts under control.

Because I do silly things like this, today I made some silver and black stars
for my living room wall out of 50 cent posterboard.
Like I had nothing else to do! What was I thinking??!!!
Will see if I can remember to take photos in daylight tomorrow.

Jari is back to the land of the living.
Thank goodness.

This week ... our beautiful youngest daughter and child turned 16.
We had a grand time and stuffed ourselves with Red Velvet cake per her request.

In less than 48 hours our Christmas Eve celebrations will already be completed.
I cannot believe it.

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