Monday, December 10, 2012

the yard sale

The other week I said I needed to remember to share a yard sale story with you.
The Saturday after Thanksgiving we went out to hit some yard sales and score some bargains with Frans & Jenny.
I have this oh so cool Craigs List app on my phone. I really don't use it often and it has many features that might prove beneficial if I ever get around to figuring them out. Like if I'm looking for an antique rocking chair (I'm always looking for those and never buying them), it should just ding at me when one shows up. The phone app comes in real handy if you're sitting around visiting, or in our case we were playing a game, and you're looking for yard sales. Found 'em!

So we headed out nice and early ... to the other end of town. Saw probably one measly sale along the way. For sure one. He had some shutters that I could have probably used for something or another, but those guys were along. We made a stop for drive thru breakfast. A stop at the ATM because we were going to do some serious business at that sale we were going to. Never hurts to be glass half full kind of thinker.

Finally made it the neighborhood where the sale was. Niiiicccce neighborhood. Perfect! We were right on time if I recall correctly. We drove down the street. Had that address locked in my iphone mapping system. (I'm almost sounding techno geke!) We didn't see any booming business going on. No other vehicles in the area tromping toward that sale that had everything we needed. Not one garage door open. Especially not one garage door open at the specific address that was on Craigs List. 'Cause I went back on there and found it. It took a while because I haven't properly figured out how to note certain items I'm looking for.

Right address. Check.
Right date? Uh ... not exactly.
The sale was last week.
Hate when that happens!

We did get some interesting scenery viewing along the way tho'. Imagine living in an upscale neighborhood and having this place either next door or across the street from you. Voi etta!!

I wish I had the patience to create a Where's the 5 Gallon Bucket Lid kind of game.
Like really. I do have windows this person could come wash.
If this qualifies for art .... I really am in need of an art appreciation class.
I'm not seeing it.

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