Sunday, December 16, 2012

season in motion

Jari has been fevering and sick for far too long.
He tucked himself in bed Friday evening and I headed out to a Christmas party.
Food and fellowship was absolutely delightful.
And then there was the singing. I love the singing.
Especially when the singing turns to Finnish Christmas songs.
There is nothing like beautiful voices singing in Finn.
Special thanks to the hosts!

Saturday I had 4 nieces over for a day of baking.
I think I've started a new tradition.
Toni told me that I need 4 rolling things. Not sure I want to store 4 of those things,
guess I'll have to borrow a few next year!
We baked and baked and baked.
By the time they left, one couldn't keep her eyes open and another was
complaining of a belly ache.
Wonder why?!

There are still a few more things I need to bake, but (I'm embarrassed to admit this) last year I actually threw away goodies after Christmas. There were just too many of them!
I've cut down on the things I bake.
Almond Tea Cakes have gone away.
I do love them, but they're alot of work and I'm the only one who eats them.
I'll save my caloric intake for chocolate instead.
Pulla, tarts and carmel corn still need to be made.
Sometime the end of next week .... I'm hoping.
I did try something new this year.
Mind you, this is the first Christmas ever that I didn't have to decorate a cookie.
The visiting artists did the work for me.
Pinterest gave me this idea. These squirt bottles came in sets of two from the dollar store.
Note the color of the tops: small bottle for mustard, large for ketchup.
In case you can't tell, we put a different colored icing in each bottle.
Was wondering if they would wash out easily and they did.
With a little help from a toothpick or three.
Learned quickly that keeping them upside down between uses made the
whole process a whole lot easier.

That roll of freezer paper that is still not all used made great table covering.
Roll it up when done and all the icing and carmel remnants got rolled right into the trash.
The girls would love one more day of baking or crafting before Christmas ....
they found it hard to believe that I'm out of free days.
Speaking of which ... Christmas is dangerously close.
I'm experiencing pangs of guilt as I knew I would.
I'm skipping sending out close to 200 cards this year.
The Christmas gifts are maybe half wrapped.
The budget has been swished down the toilet.
I only need to pick up a few little things.
I'm threatening to give gift cards to everyone next year.
Nothing has hit the mailbox yet.
For that matter, I still need to finish something for the mailbox.
The first class of my bachelor's program starts tomorrow.
This week .... of all weeks???!!!!
Tia turns 16 on Tuesday and that means a party.
She invited folks for 6 - 6:30.
I usually work until 6pm on Tuesdays.
I've been sleeping in the same bed next to a man who has been sick for a week.
I hope I've been facing away from him and not breathing in his
exhalations all night long.
I'm drinking green tea and vinegar in desperation because I'm out of vitamin C.
I really do not have time to be freezing under blankets.
It has rained for several days and the weather is nice and cool.
This afternoon I took a nice warm blanket out to the back patio.
I snuggled underneath it and slept in the sun for a while.
I'm calling it therapy ... prevention therapy.
You all have a good week.
I'll try get back here, but you probably shouldn't count on it.

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