Wednesday, December 12, 2012

christmas tree caravan

We met in Flagstaff at 7 a.m. on Saturday and headed out to hunt a Christmas tree.
Six vehicles in our tree hunting train.
The rising sun had me about ready to burst into tears of joy.
I started writing rhymes instead.
In a caravan
to the canyon
heading out to cut a tree
 were the brothers
and their father
wives and friends and family.
 The sun was rising
cattle grazing
fields and mountains bare of snow
 breezes gently
bending grasses
God's creative beauty shows.

It was quite a tree he found!
I said, "Yes, dear."

We made it home in time to get the tree standing upright in the living room, lose the smell of bonfire to the shower and head out for an evening Christmas Program that was absolutely divine. The food still makes my mouth water even now. The program was beautiful. The dessert .... I should have skipped it. How on earth do you start passing up things like Rhubarb Dessert and Cheesecake? Maybe you can. I'm not so good at doing that.

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