Sunday, December 2, 2012

december is here!

No, I'm not ready for it.
There are no decorations up in the house yet and I won't have time until maybe Thursday.
Maybe tomorrow I'll just haul the totes out of the garage and tell Tia to have at it.
Saturday was absolutely gorgeous!
In tank top and flip flops I helped Jari hang up some icicle lights.
(He hasn't been feeling quite up to par so am thankful he agreed to this little number.)
They look a little spartan, don't they?
Better in real life ... and they're up.
We'll have a tree up by next Sunday night!
Tonight we enjoyed the Advent Program at church.
There is nothing on earth like listening to a group of little people belt out "Hosannah".
They did a bang up job of leading the organ.
I had water in my eyes it was so precious.

Over the weekend:
  • Friday I worked for hours and hours on Christmas stuff .. as in crafting kind of. Getting there!
  • Jari & I went out visiting in the evening.
  • Saturday morning we hit some yard sales for about an hour. I came home with more toys for the toybox and just 2 other little things. Not very productive. But a little less driving than last week ... must remember to share that with you some day.
  • I know I played a bit. Hung some Christmas lights. Cleaned the part of the house that gets presented. Ran a few errands. Went to Hobby Lobby and found even more things to play at.
  • Settlers in the evening with Ronda and a divine, and I mean divine, piece of Schwan's Red Velvet Cheesecake. Heaven on the taste buds.
  • Church this morning and then home for a quiet afternoon. Spent several hours on the phone catching up with someone special that I really miss having close by.
  • Advent Program this evening and I think I'm ready for the week.
This week we're looking forward to:
  • Pappa is coming to town tomorrow evening! Can't wait to see him. Salmon chowder on the menu for dinner. I think he'll like that.
  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday work during the day.
  • Tuesday evening choir practice for Tia and a meeting for Jari & me.
  • Wednesday evening organ duty. Practiced Christmas music today ... shouldn't be any surprises.
  • Thursday evening is a freebie! (Scratch the freebie if I decide to put up Christmas.)
  • Friday evening we may be going to Prescott.
  • Saturday we have a date to go cut our Christmas tree somewhere up by the Grand Canyon. Then comes the interesting part. Have to take along the dress up clothes. May have to pack along the power pack so I can fix the hair on the way down to Phoenix again. We're pros at changing on the side of the road. Christmas Dinner Fundraiser at 5:30 and I really don't want to miss it. It is beautiful ... and my girls are singing.
  • Sunday I'm taking the most delicious nap. Sort of like the one I had today. So sound asleep you can't drag yourself out of it. That was good.
Nap in .... I'm ready for Monday.
Have a fantabulous week!


  1. I haven't mentioned this, but my favorite part about your life is your visiting. It seems like a regular part of your life as I've read your blog over the years.

  2. We do that quite a bit, don't we? I couldn't imagine not. I know that the years I was in nursing school, our social life took a serious nose dive and visiting was replaced with text books. We have always enjoyed the company of others and are very blessed to have so many friends who we enjoy spending time with. The visits can only be described as precious.