Saturday, December 29, 2012

back to real life

Week 2 of the first class of the BSN program is almost done. I banned myself off everything electronic yesterday, except for family chat on GroupMe where Brock did offer to do my paper for me, until it was uploaded to the necessary places.

House is almost out of toilet paper, but I still paid for PERRLA. Miracle stuff I'm telling you.
Makes paper writing in APA format much easier. I know that I can do the same with Microsoft Word, without this add in, but it sure helps and there will be nothing but paper writing going on here for the next 18 months or so.

The tile in the house is too cold for this old dog. He has taken up sleeping on carpet and I can't blame him. I put two layers of socks on the other day. Should invest in a pair of slippers, but I'll probably just slip and klunk my noggin on something. Grace has never been my midle name. This new position of his can be most annoying. Our "living space" is not what you would call large. He sleeps in walkways all the time and tends to hog the entire walkway. Makes leaving my room in the dark of morning a challenge sometimes. Might end up nockin' my noggin without slippers!

Ran out to the mailbox yesterday. I'm so bad about collecting mail. Grandma had called before Christmas to see if our box had come. I hadn't seen it. Asked around and Tia said there was an extra key in our box but she didn't know what it was for or how it worked. Voila! There it was! Yesterday there was another key in my box. It opens the nice big box next to the little one and saves me a trip to the post office to collect things. Amazon?

Inside the box was a Christmas gift. I've been pining for this lens for a while and still can't believe it came to me for Christmas! Thanks again!! This is going to be fun!!

Yesterday we celebrated our 27th wedding anniversary. Wow! Time has certainly flown. Jari worked and came in the door with roses and a card. I didn't even manage a card. Oh, but I'm bad. Keep reading ... you'll see just how bad I've been lately.

We went out to Cheesecake Factory to eat last night. Thank you to another special someone for their Christmas gift to us! The waiting area was incredibly full of folks making me think that the economy in this part of the valley is certainly not suffering. I said "first available" which of course got us outside seating. December 28th .... outside. Hubby was not too impressed. Said he would have worn his long johns if he had known that was going to happen. Sat him under the patio heater and he didn't complain too much. I did come home for dessert rather than indulging over there. I'm still working on a Red Velvet Cheesecake that is in the freezer ... one slice at a time.

Today .... I'm sipping coffee hand delivered from Costa Rica. Special thanks to the courier! Jari has gone off for the day in working attire. Tia is heading out dress shopping for a wedding shortly. I've got a book going on in my ear and the counter filled with To Do projects. See how bad I am?! It is about high time I get to the post office!

I think I better do a bit of writing first unless the postal service can read my mind. The mind that I can't even decipher most days anymore.

The bright side of being miserably late is that Mom, who is hospitalized at the moment, will have something to look at while she spends time in her bed. Their gift finally arrived yesterday.

The refrigerator is so full of leftovers that I'm sending out a last call for the boys to come clean it out .... and then I'm going to.

The garage is full of Christmas wrap and packaging that needs to be torn down and head to the dumpster.

Jari did most of the laundry on Thursday, but there is a wee bit more to do and he doesn't iron. I do like my scrubs ironed with starch. I know I'm not the only one on the planet that does that, so I'm okay with it.

Christmas can probably stay up for a little while longer ... we'll continue to enjoy it for a bit!

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  1. Happy Anniversary! What a great present! A long awaited present. Wishing we were closer over the Holidays. We'll have to enjoy a cup of coffee over another phone call.