Monday, July 20, 2015

Camp Verde Corn Fest

Why not try something new?
We added the Camp Verde Corn Fest to the calendar and left it there, even tho' the forecast was for some whopping rain storms and flash floods.
I packed the umbrellas and sweatshirts.
Sweatshirts because, just in case it rained, one might experience a chill.
I know that Camp Verde isn't a cool climate, but rain might help it.
It was a bit toasty.
We chased the rain clouds on the way up ....

and found lots of very friendly folks. Booths featuring vendors and foody things.

And a whole lot of corn going on. Cornfest pays homage to the locally grown Verde Valley famous sweet corn. Don't you just love the smiling worker bees?! She was working under the misting system, but probably would have been grinning anyway. She has that look about her.

The local market is open on Saturdays featuring produce and whatnots. I picked up several loaves of bread that are pure delish yummy made of freshly milled wheat.

Finding some shade for a bite to eat and a respite from the sun ...

Frybread is the only thing I hanker for when I go to a fair. At least I use to. Now it might be funnel cake instead. I had my frybread and even better ... found the woman I dubbed the original Holly Hobby!

I didn't notice the green case hanging around her neck when we spoke with her. I wonder if it is holding her cell phone or her tissues.

We gals walked through the crafters area, inside the air conditioning, and I found some prizes. Local crafters selling their wares is my kind of thing.

Off to Dairy Queen for some lunch for some and ice cream for others.

I was so pumped! We were going to make it home to enjoy the Phoenix storms that were coming!! When the forecast is for low temps and rain ... I start planning on it. I start smelling the rain in the air even if the present day is dry as the Sahara. Rain was falling in the distance ...

The clouds were looking promising ...

and we got a mere dribble on our windshield on the way home.

I think we got a few drops at home as well while the rest dumped on Wickenburg.

In the future we decided that we'll go visit a festival there in the fall rather than the heat of summer or find one somewhere further up the mountainside.

Home to share some dinner with the kids, grilled peaches with ice cream for dessert and a quick visit with Blayde before he left to start work in Williston.

These kids of ours just keep making tracks out of town!

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