Friday, July 24, 2015

finding fifty: does it really matter?

Does it really matter if I drink my coffee in bed?
Does it really matter if I grab a protein bar and a favorite magazine
and enjoy the quiet of the morning's early hour?

And, seriously, I don't drink coffee in bed.
I don't ever just lay in bed in the morning.
I turn the alarm off. Maybe three times or so.
Then I hurl my aching bones out of bed.
The ache totally depends on which position I ended up in for the last 5 hours while my eyes were closed in slumber and drool was bathing my pillow.

Yesterday morning my alarm first rang at 4.
Sometimes I still can't believe I get up at that time of night day.
I know other people do it all the time and it's no big deal.
For me? It is a great big deal.
The fact that my eyeballs even know how to open at that hour.

Years ago I had a wake up call service call me in the morning so I could make it to work on time.
Long before cell phones even existed and when my alarm clock was still white noise.
It was kind of like having the hotel give you a wake up call, but I paid these folks to actually call my house and wake me up in the morning.
Back then I actually had a house phone that rang ... and I woke up to the sound of it.
It may have been the only thing I woke up to back then.
Obviously, I didn't have teens yet.
Teens brought along the knowledge that the phone wasn't ringing for me anyway so why bother answering it.
Thank goodness my ears had been tuned to the alarm clock by then.

Is it a getting older thing or a born of necessity thing?
Probably a necessity thing, but aging has brought with it the beauty of mornings ... at least for me.
Quiet mornings.
Okay. So the days can and evenings can be quiet as well now, but I love the mornings.
I'm annoyed if I sleep past six in the morning and downright ticked off it's past seven.
I've just lost precious hours of getting stuff done time!

So if I'm on vacation and sipping my coffee in bed while the family I'm staying with is still snug in their slumbers ... it doesn't matter a whit.

I should ought to try this at home.

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