Friday, July 3, 2015

finding fifty

Several years ago this fall, Jari and I were at a camp working in the kitchen. Another couple, a few years older than us, was there and we were sitting around visiting that first evening. I don't even remember where the conversation led us but we hit on all kinds of subjects. For instance, preparing dinner and our lack of motivation to do just that. And, most importantly, the fact that we no longer cared. The guys could fend for themselves sometimes and it wouldn't hurt anyone. The other woman looked at me and said, "Are you fifty? You sound like it!"

I was intrigued. After that weekend, I came home and hit up google. What is fifty? What does fifty sound like? What comes with fifty that someone else could see it in me? Even if I wasn't there yet!

Google didn't have any answers for me.

Lately, I've thoroughly enjoyed reading a dear friend's posts on Facebook as she spends her nights of insomnia writing about life. Talk about good laughs. I don't have her ability to write, nor do I have her witty sense of humor, but I started thinking about this fifty thing.

It is a whole new kind of life.


Like who thought hot flashes could be so much fun? I almost wanted to buy one of those fans you can hang on a rope around your neck and call it a new piece of jewelry. I'm not even close to being a fashion guru so wouldn't have a clue that it isn't a stylish thing! Alas, someone helped me out in that department and saved me the embarrassment of showing my fanning self in public.

I am very fortunate to not have any serious health issues, but what the dickens made me all of a sudden start thinking about the things I was putting in my mouth? It didn't matter before! How did taste buds all of a sudden decide that asparagus is about to die for?  And when will beets acquire the same level of delicacy?

I never wore shorts to town when I was growing up. True statement. I would wear shorts at home and change into jeans if I headed to the whopping metropolis of Virginia. I should have worn them while I could. Because exercise is still not in my vocabulary. Kind of the same situation as the beets. I keep hoping waiting. Like, seriously, do my legs have to resemble the stuff I put in my smoothie?

I've been eating some weird things lately. Scary enough to my family that they won't touch them. While that isn't all bad ... I do enjoy when I have salted licorice in the cupboard and I'm free to enjoy it all ... there might be a few of you out there that might give some of my goofy ideas a whirl and enjoy them.

There are probably a few more things I can think, but that's good for starters.

No weekly photography challenge has my attention this year. Life has sort of quieted down a bit for a blink or two. So, I'm thinking it is time to ramp it up a bit or I'm going to take a trip to the SAS Fabric store and I probably don't need that. In fact, just this week I was keeping a tight hold on my steering wheel as I passed the Indian School Road exit. It was tough ... but I managed to keep my car from veering off to the exit lane.

Fridays at 430 Breezy Lane are going to see me finding fifty. I'm not joining the Red Hat Society or anything, but I might just come up with a little more attitude. Even the thought makes me nervous and weak kneed. Some weeks you might get something healthy coming your way. Other times it might be a very healthy dose of decadent chocolate that you probably won't want to live without. Some days it might be a rant, because I think I'm almost the age when I can get away with it. Maybe a link to a goal I hope to accomplish before the decade is over and out. Perhaps something useful that has helped me in my life.  Maybe my feet will be soaking in the ocean. Or maybe just a random thing off Pinterest that I would have scoffed at ten years ago. My challenge, at least the rest of this year of turning fifty, is to share. Aren't you just excited?!!

Maybe I'll even get that wacky fellow fifty friend of mine to share a thought or two with all of us.

Now I've got your attention!!

Happy Independence Day!

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