Wednesday, July 1, 2015

wordy wednesday

So ... we are ambling around the house .. just the two of us.
We have kids visiting.
We have grandbabies visiting.
But after a long day at work, it ain't all bad to just sit.
My feet have been howling lately after wearing a lead apron at work all day.
Sitting is good.

So ... the house is quiet.
Last week, on Wednesday, Jari commented on how the dishes just don't seem to accumulate.
Maybe I told him that it would help if I actually cooked something.
I don't remember.
I do know that I can clean the kitchen and it stays that way.
Clean and kitchen in the same sentence?
Maybe I'll have to admit what Alyx did for me last Friday. Later.

So ... the house is empty.
That means that for the first time in 28 years or so we sleep with the bedroom door open.
I shut the hall light off awhile ago, but this is a whole new thing.
Air can circulate!
It is quite a miracle.

And if you lock the front door ...
you can take a shower with the bathroom door open to let out steam in this heat entrenched summer we are enduring.
There are kids who have keys, but I figure if the front door is locked and they just pop on over ...
they deserve what they get.

Did I start off talking about sitting?
Back to that.
I did some sitting this week, and being as my laptop was perched in a convenient position I started editing and organizing photos.
2015 is done up to date!
That includes all photos from my phone.
I do crazy things like label most photos with the date they're taken.
They sometimes end up in other folders that don't have dates on them and then I sort of have a clue.
Now I need to start going backwards in time!

This particular one made me chuckle. Out. Loud.

I think he had a clue what was coming!

Enjoy the rest of your week and the new month! Happy July!

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