Monday, July 13, 2015

waste not .. want not

I shared this little scene of what I consider bliss in May.
We were at Kamp Kipa and I had a few minutes to enjoy the peace while crocheting.
She is done!!
My color scheme had a reason.
My bathroom shower curtain has equal amount of teal and brown in it,
and lately I am adoring the color teal.
Some extra white sheets in the laundry room became differing shades of teal
using Rit Dye. I didn't get the dark color I wanted in the first go around.
Maybe because I didn't have the patience to stir the hot bucket of color changing
fabric and maybe because I didn't put enough liquid dye in to begin with.
So, I plunked some of the dyed strips back in the dye bucket and went for round #2.
Worked fabulous!
I've done round rugs and oval rugs, but never a straight rug.
I know I learned something.
I tore parts of this out and redid them several times trying to get the edges to stay in a line.
A straight line.
When I was done, I realized what I had done and could have just disassembled and started over.

The leftover strips became uneven, slightly fraying knotted fringe along both edges.
It may fray to the point of crazy when it goes through the wash a few times,
or it may fray to softness.
We shall see!


One end of the rug, the side closest to the commode, is a bit narrower than the other.
I started out with single crochet and did the rest double.
The stitches are probably a wee bit tighter on the single end.
So, I placed the narrower end where your feet sit.
If you're spending a lot of time just sitting, contemplating and critiquing the rug ....
it will look even.

Next time I'll try something different!
Something like 2 unused worthless sheets later ...
my laundry room is rid of extra stuff and I have something adorable (in my estimation)
and sure to last long after I've given up on the color teal!
In case you're thinking you don't have time for this kind of stuff, you probably do.
The cutting and the dying may take a few moments of your time,
but once that is done ... you can sit and visit while you work your crochet hook.
The only problem with this project, unlike yarn, is that I don't dare take it in the car.
I have little pieces of threads everywhere.
Enough that I still have some hanging around and I've vacuumed furniture and used the lint roller.

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