Monday, July 6, 2015

quiet weekend with bullet

It was a quieter weekend around these parts ... at least for me.

Fred came to town and the guys have been busy running around doing all kinds of boy things.
I've been home doing girl things. (grins!!)
The girls have been here with grandkidlets some days and other folks some evenings, but many hours of quiet for me.

Actually, Friday I didn't have a bit of gumption to do anything. Was rather disappointing. I had extra days off last week so it threw my whole world off kilter!

Other than being quiet ... I was also home to make sure our new family member behaved.

She hasn't done too bad!

 Excuse the goober eye. It was doing fine all day ... until I took out the camera. Of course.

We found out she was coming to us last Monday and let me tell you, we were nervous.
We've had over a year of being able to just leave the house and not worry at all about who was being left behind. We could run away for the weekend and not think twice about having someone take care of the pet.

Not only have we not had a pet, we have not had a puppy in forever and a hundred years.
Although she certainly has an interest in getting into some things ... overall so far so good.

I think she likes the taste of Thieves Household Cleaner 'cuz the window gets a bit of lickin'.

I've been looked at like I'm a cruel human being, but she is an outside dog. She has been outside her entire life (all 18 weeks of it) and it is going to stay that way. We put in misters on the patio but that just drenches all the humans and probably doesn't do much for the four legged creature. Sure feels good once in a while tho'.

And then there is the pool. I bought it for the little kids, but yesterday I threw Bullet in it. She was rather slow about the investigation process so I sort of helped her along. She loves it! She's in there frequently through the day playing and cooling off. It works!

So between paying attention to the little lady, I've finished a few projects today!
Share coming later this week!

Updated correction: She is naughty. Middle. Of. The. Night. Naughty. Pillow ripping naughty.
She might have to learn to love a crate.

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