Friday, July 10, 2015

finding fifty: cottage cheese

I don't eat cottage cheese plain.
That stuff just looks scary enough to have me running the other way.
Like it has some serious resemblance to my thighs lately and that is just too disgusting.

However, when I was in Alaska recently I had the yummiest pancakes.
The recipe is a Trim Healthy Mama recipe that included cottage cheese.
I don't do THM.
I sort of tried.
I got as far as taping up some E and S menu type things on the inside of my cupboard doors for a while before I finally took them down.

When I came home, I actually looked at the container of cottage cheese.
Shucks, but that stuff is full of protein, and as I'd spent some time trying to curb the carbs in my life, why not play with some cottage cheese.
Part of this getting older thing is realizing that you just play around with and find the things that work for you.
There is no carbon copy anything that works for every single woman.
I don't care what the latest diet fad or eating plan says.
Especially when I have less willpower than an ant.

So, I started with some Starbucks Refresher.
I couldn't find anything else in the house.
I made the 16 oz drink in a bottle and tucked it in the fridge to dole out one shake at a time.

My strawberries are usually frozen in the Costco bag. I'm lazy that way.
I plunk some in a bowl and nuke 'em a bit.
Cottage cheese. I can't believe I buy it in big containers now. Really strange.
I throw in about a cup of that.

And as long as I was in the freezer, and there happened to be a bit of ice cream in there, why not add an itty bitty scoop of that as well?!

Send it whirling into a frothy concoction ....

and grab the bag of peach slices (thank you dear neighbors for inviting me to pick off your peach tree!) ...
and drop some of those into the mix.
I don't count, I just drop in whatever looks good.
Since the peaches are all gone ... I'm using whatever berries I have around here.

A bit more whizzing and whirring and voila!
You have a protein rich drink that tastes a bit like an orange creamsicle.

And if your household is like mine ....

they'll all be disgusted and you won't have to share.

In my really rough estimate, you're taking in (minus the dollop of ice cream):

Carbs 36g
Sugars 35g
Dietary Fiber 4g
Fat 5g
Protein 25g

I should probably throw in some spinach next time.

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