Monday, July 27, 2015

staying home is a good thing

at least once in a while.
I'm really a homebody at heart and running (even for a day) too many weekends in a row gets me all messed up. Seriously.
I need a good dose of at home between Friday and Sunday to maintain sanity.

My rotary cutter ran a million miles in two days.
The sewing machine didn't need to go far, but I finished another project!!
Christmas is only 150 days away and I'm plugging away at getting things done while the weather is so croakin' hot outdoors it isn't fit for humans.
109 or something equally insane over the working days of the weekend.
The goal is to get a bunch of things done before it cools off and I can head outside to sanders and painting projects. 

A trip to Target for the necessities of life, like a new toothbrush for the main man.
The checkout register had scads of wafer cookies ... a different variety for every tastebud.
I thought these might work for the littles and promptly ate half the package myself.
Obviously a day for sugaring the brain cells.

My brain must have been in a sugar haze, because I then made monster cookies.
I don't know if I've baked a cookie since Christmas and We really don't eat them around here, but monster cookies it was! Alto' maybe if I made them ....  Crank up the oven and heat up the house. What on earth is wrong with me?!

Anna spent much of the day here on Saturday. We played with Wyatt, took naps and visited. After she left, I went to start putting away laundry and had enough of the closet situation ... Jari's side. So it got cleaned out. Our closet might qualify as a cupboard in many opulent homes today and really doesn't have room for anything that isn't being worn on a regular basis. Suits that get worn to weddings and funerals went out to the laundry room in garment bags. And as often happens, I had to remove the lapel flower from the last wedding before I packed it away. Wool socks and winter riding/playing stuff moved out to the appropriate tote outside and then I filled bags. Trash and Goodwill. Cut up some tee shirts for rags and I think I can handle looking at it for another little while!

We did get some visiting in. Enjoyed an evening at Randy & Sheryle's where the news from the oncologist was uplifting last week. Love good news! There is enough hate and negativity floating around in this life to choke a person.

A trip to Home Depot to pick up some shelving that should fix a problem I have with office type storage. We left with absolutely nothing from that store. I think it might be the first time ever! We decided to make do with what we have for a while. I just need to take some more trash bags to that corner of our abode and start pitching. By the time I'm done I'll have caught up with Carol who is doing a bang up job of decluttering her life. Even if I really want to run and pick up some of the stuff she's pitching!

There isn't a lick of fresh grocery items in this house for dinners this week and it looks like it is egg salad for lunch every day. Not a thing in the grocery ads looked good and I would have just picked up more sugar if I went into the store. Best to stay home and eat cookies.

And the bestest ever news over the weekend ... we will have another boy grandbaby! I love these little boys!! This one won't be living near us, but will certainly give me mighty fine reasons to travel.

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